Brian McKee Bumps Gums On His Rumored Relationship With Momma Dee…

Posted on Aug 7 2014 - 3:56pm by GumBumping Lady (Toyiah Marquis)

Brian McKee is trying to do some damage control. He’s going through his divorce with Andrea Kelly and wants to clear the record about the photo’s that spread of him and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Momma Dee.

brian mcke momma dee-gumbumper

He took to social media to tell his side:

“To FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOLLOWERS, FANS and FOES….to EVERYBODY, I am making this “OFFICIAL STATEMENT” to set the record straight!!!!!! I AM NOT and again I repeat, I AM NOT, IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH MOMMA DEE. We are not involved romantically or otherwise, we have NEVER dated. Our acquaintance is STRICKLY PLATONIC (FRIENDS ONLY)!!!!! I have ONLY the utmost respect for Momma Dee and we will continue to remain FRIENDS ONLY, no hidden agendas or motives PERIOD!!!! So, there you have it…., Bloggers and Social Media Outlets alike, GO SPREAD THIS and STOP giving life to that which is not true. #tellthetruth #rumors #friendsonly #mediatakeout #sista2sista #madamenoire #loveandhiphop #vh1″

He later spoke with Madame Noire, calling Momma Dee’s claim a “miscommunication”:

“Well first of all, I have the utmost respect for Momma Dee and her family. They’re really, really nice people. I actually got to meet them in Atlanta. We were both attending and working at the DUB Show, that’s where we met and that’s where those photos came from. There’s a photo earlier in that day of the both of us at the DUB Show. Then, there’s a photo of us later on at her house. That’s the photo that’s being shown around and it looks as though it’s just me there with her and we’re cozying up in the house. The truth of the matter is that there was a bunch of us that went there. My brother was there. Some friends of mine were there. You know, we all kind of went there and hung out.

[…] I’ve gotten to know her. She’s a really good person, really down to earth and we really have become friends, but we’re not romantically involved. We’ve been talking and that sort of thing, but I’m really just going through my divorce with Drea. I’m not really seeing anybody like that.”


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