Chris Brown Sentenced To 1,000 Hours Community Service

Posted on Aug 17 2013 - 12:06pm by Tracy

Chris Brown just got his ass handed to him in court — the judge sentenced him to 1,000 more hours of community labor after the L.A. County  D.A. accused him of fudging his records.


Brown’s current legal troubles are the latest repercussions of his arrest four years ago for assaulting his former girlfriend, Rihanna.

The popular R&B singer sat in a courtroom for nearly an hour as his lawyer, Mark Geragos, and a prosecutor shuttled in and out of the judge’s chambers, with Geragos apparently seeking his client’s approval for a plan to keep him from facing more serious consequences.

Superior Court Judge James Brandlin finally emerged and announced that an agreement had been reached.

Unlike last time — when the judge said Chris could complete his labor in his home state of Virginia— the judge today ordered that Chris’ service must be supervised by L.A. County officials.

Chris can choose between Caltrans (aka highway cleanup), beach cleanup, probation alternative work services (PAWS), or our personal favorite … graffiti removal.


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