Drop It Like It’s Hot: Vanessa Bryant Drops Divorce Petition

Posted on Jan 12 2013 - 8:08am by GumBumping Lady (Toyiah Marquis)

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant seem to be starting the New Year off right! Reconciliation has been on going as we’ve seen them all over the place. We know they went to Disneyland last summer as a family and they even sent out Christmas cards that displayed a family photo of them and it seemed to be the happy family.

Kobe Bryant, Vanessa Bryant

While Vanessa now has a stronger foothold on her own personal finances she recently sold one of her Newport Beach mansions for a whopping $3.2 million. So, chyc ain’t broke!! And she still has a couple other multi million dollar properties she’s holding on to.

So, this does tell us something…. But, I can’t quite put my head around it. LOL Can you??

Kobe Bryant, Vanessa Bryant


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