EBONY Magazine Managing Editor Terry Glover Dies at 57

Posted on Dec 28 2012 - 8:41am by Tracy

Terry Glover, the managing editor of Ebony magazine, has died of colon cancer at her Chicago home. She was 57.


 Ebony announced on its website that Glover died on Monday. Her husband, Kendall Glover, tells the Chicago Tribune that his wife had been fighting cancer for about two years.

Terry Glover joined Ebony in 2006 and was appointed managing editor in 2009 after serving as a senior editor for the website for three years.

Mrs. Glover previously was managing editor at Savoy magazine, Chicago editor for Uptown magazine and digital editor for playboy.com. She also wrote occasionally on a freelance basis for the Chicago Tribune.

Amy DuBois Barnett, editor-in-chief of Ebony, said she and Mrs. Glover formed an instant connection.

“We developed a strong friendship, but she had strong friendships with everyone. She was one of those rare individuals everyone likes,” DuBois Barnett said. “It was something about her character — I think it was her complete openness and warmth.”





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