Flaminggggggggggg: Ouch; Kerry Rhodes’ Alleged Lover Russell ‘Hollywood’ Simpson, Bumps Gums With A Tell-All Interview!!

Posted on Apr 18 2013 - 7:58pm by GumBumping Lady (Toyiah Marquis)

Damn, if these gay rumors about Kerry Rhodes ain’t hitting the pavement like WHAM! I don’t know what else is… After Kerry denied the rumors and blatantly talked about NFL’ers that were gay, this hit. His ex-assistant Russell ‘Hollywood’ Simpson is surely spilling the goods.

Peep what he had to say:

On if Kerry took care of him financially:

“We went on a lot of trips, out of the country, Hawaii, whatever. He loved me so much that he did spend a lot of money. He definitely took care of me.

“Kerry did do a lot for me. He bought me a lot of things. He bought me the new Infiniti truck. I’m the type of person, if you buy me something, you’re putting it in MY name. If you’re buying me something you’re paying it off. He definitely did the TWO things. You’re not going to buy me nothing and it still be in your name because then it’s your car. You’re not going to buy me nothing and leave me with the payments. I don’t think so!”

On if he leaked the photos and talking to TMZ:

“They said ‘Well maybe he he loved him like a little brother. Listen, if he loved me like a little brother, he f**ked me like a wife!” and that’s just me being real with you. People knew something was up but they didn’t know. It was just not normal for a guy to be like we were. You can see in the picture. A picture says a lot of things. You could see in the pictures that it was something there. The first set of pictures, I don’t know how they got out because I did not put them out. If you go on my Facebook page you will see the same pictures but I always crop him out because it was nobody’s business. Now what pissed me off about the whole situation is when he and I stopped talking and the pics got out. He said that he was NOT gay. To me he shouldn’t have said sh**. If you’re not going to tell the truth, don’t try to make me look stupid.

This is what I say: You can play Nintendo, You play XBox , You play lottery, You Don’t Play Hollywood! I think he made a comment that he’s as straight as an arm. An arm has an elbow dummy! What really set me off is when he had Alton the assistant call TMZ, say he was Me and say Kerry and I are just friends, he’s like my brother.”

On who initiated the relationship:

“Of course he came on to me. I’m too fabulous to come on to anybody. That’s not what I do. I have a lot of men that come on to me. I don’t come on to men because I don’t know what time it is for you. I would never come on to a man. Honestly, a lot of gay guys are like me. A lot of gay guys don’t come on to guys. It’s always the other way around. It’s always the manly ones. Of course I wouldn’t come on to anybody. Yes, I thought he was attractive but I thought he liked girls.”

“It did not take place instantly. I’m a classy b*tch. You have to show me what time it is and he did. I was with it. It took us almost two months to sleep together. He made the first move — as in kissing. Kerry says I was his first man he’s been with. Doesn’t matter, it still makes you gay.”

On how he and Kerry met:

“I met Kerry about a year and a half ago when I went to Arizona for an assistant job. Me and my friend Alton went to Kerry’s game. Kerry was injured at the time so he came up to our suite. He was interested in knowing who I was. He was looking for a new assistant and was interested in me and Alton. He wanted us to assist him.”

“I got to know Kerry and we became very close. I moved in with Kerry at his home in Arizona. At first we were just friends and we were getting to know eachother. Then we got into a relationship. We were in a relationship for a whole year. I was there, people knew who I was, they saw me as his top assistant. I handled everything for him. No one went to Kerry for anything.”

Peep the clip…….


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  1. COTTENKANDI.COM April 19, 2013 at 6:26 pm -

    Damn! He might as well just admit it. Too many photos being leaked. They all can’t be photoshopped.

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    Wowww dis is crazy!! lbvs #Chilly 😀


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    Damn. No secrets allowed haha – SFDotNet

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    This was some messy ass crap…who kisses and tells like that?

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    this situation is getting crazy

    • Tracy April 18, 2013 at 9:33 pm -

      This is a shocker to me