Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Torrei Hart Has a New Man

Posted on Aug 20 2014 - 5:38am by Tracy

Actor/comedian Kevin Hart got engaged the other day, and his ex-wife Torrei Hart brought her new man (manager/boo Reno Rank) to the viewing party of the new VH1 show, Atlanta Exes which she also stars in.


I guess Torrei felt she had to CLAP back, and show off her new man to the world!!


Gumbumpers, what do you think of Torrei and her new man?



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  • Rachael

    Those clothes and that shape need to go away

  • Dan Shrider


  • Dan Shrider

    I wonder how he’s gonna feel to see Kevin Hart on damn everything, and I mean everything?? Or maybe he’s a fan himself, who knows. I know it would drive me frigging crazy

  • Dan Shrider

    Good looking on the post Gumbumper.

  • Dan Shrider

    She didn’t take long to show him off that’s for sure.

    • Tracy

      She sure didn’t, lol

  • Dan Shrider

    Damn what’s one mans trash is another’s mans treasure and Imma trash digga……LMAO

  • hiphopnews247

    I wanted to got though

  • hiphopnews247

    I got a invite to the premiere

  • hiphopnews247

    But wasnt able to make it.