Kristen Stewart Dissed Will Smith

Posted on Jul 19 2013 - 6:22am by Tracy

Actress Kristen Stewart signed up for a film called “Focus” about an older male con artist who is teaching a younger female the name of the con artist game.


When Kristen Stewart first signed up on the film Ben Afflek was signed to play her older male love interest. But with all of the publicity he was doing for Argo, he had to drop out.

 Will Smith was signed on to replace Afflek. Well after hearing the news Stewart pulled out of the film. Stewart claims her reason for leaving was due to “age difference”, but Will Smith (44) is only four years older than Ben Afflek (40).

Girl age ain’t nothin’ but a number, so it sounds to me you may be a little racist.

Do you think she’s telling a truth


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