Local News: Chicago Mother Loses Fourth Child to Gun Violence

Posted on Jan 29 2013 - 10:39am by Tracy

Chicago authorities say seven people were killed and six wounded in gun violence in one day. Ronnie Chambers, 34, his mom Shirley Chamber’s youngest child, was shot in the head while sitting in a parked car. Not only was Ronnie his mom’s youngest child, but he was the fourth and last of her children to die as a result of a shooting.


Shirley’s two other sons and daughter were shot in separate attacks more than a decade ago, according to Yahoo News.

Ronnie Chambers, 34, who was shot at about 2:15 a.m. in Lawndale. Chambers, a convicted felon and alleged member of the Gangsters Disciples street gang was the youngest of four siblings who all lost their lives to gun violence. His sister LaToya, 15, and brother Jerome, 23, were both shot and killed in 2000 in the Cabrini-Green area. Carlos Chambers died five years earlier, shot by a fellow Jones Metropolitan High School student; he was 18. Right now, I’m totally lost because Ronnie was my only surviving son,” Shirley Chambers, Ronnie’s mother, told ABC7. “What did I do wrong? I was there for them. We didn’t have everything we wanted but we had what we needed.

I just don’t understand why aren’t the police here in Chicago cracking down on the gang members, and their guns??


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