Meet ‘Kassondra Perry-Moreland’ The Woman Behind the 52 Week Savings Challenge

Posted on Jan 9 2013 - 6:58am by Tracy

Meet the 47-year-old, 911 dispatcher “Kassondra Perry-Moreland” decided to take the challenge for the New Year.  After posting her intentions on Facebook, Kassondra’s 52 Week Savings Challenge has gone viral, with people from around the world joining in. Black Enterprise offers us the details.


When Kassondra went to sleep on Dec. 31, 2012, she was like many of us: a hard-working woman struggling to understand why after 23 years on the job she had nothing to show for it, the article says. “When she woke up on January 1, 2013, her prayer was answered.”

Remember that if these aren’t quite your thing, the important thing is that you just do something! On December 31, 2013, both you and your savings account will be glad you started today.

Check out Kassondra’s 52 Week Savings Challenge for yourself.


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