Nick Cannon Dresses in Whiteface to Promote New Album

Posted on Mar 25 2014 - 5:51am by Tracy

Nick Cannon has been busy promoting his new album, “White People Party Music,” which hits stores on April 1.


Mr. Mariah Carey has been labelled “racist,” “ignorant” and “hypocritical” for the stunt – which also saw him show off his bizarre new “Connor Smallnut” persona in a series of videos.

Cannon, 33, sent social media sites into meltdown after sharing an Instagram snap of himself Sunday.

“It’s official…I’m White!!! #WHITEPEOPLEPARTYMUSIC #Wppm in stores April 1st!!!!!!Dude Go Get It!!!Join The Party!!!! #GoodCredit #DogKissing #BeerPong #FarmersMarkets #FistPumping #CreamCheeseEating #RacialDraft “Bro I got drafted!!” he captioned the controversial photo.

Gumbumpers, what do you think of the photo… Nick racist??


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  1. alicia a March 25, 2014 at 8:42 am -

    I dont see anything wrong with a white face, but a black face yes, they know back in the day white folks made fun of black people by putting on that real black face and shucking and jiving and shuffling around with the big red lips and all! What humiliation is there behind a whiteface? White folks have never been teased and made fun of by a white face,, they want to holla the waynans did “whitechicks” they made they 2 girls look good not bad,, same as the n word,, thers pain hurt demeaning and even death behind the n word… not so for the h word or the krakka word…big difference!

  2. Crunkatlanta Magazine March 25, 2014 at 7:54 am -

    i can see people taking offense to this .. what if a white persone wore “BLACK FACE” – its the same difference –