Raven Symone Shares Pics Of Her & Her ‘Girlfriend’ AzMarie Livingston

Posted on Sep 3 2013 - 10:58am by GumBumping Lady (Toyiah Marquis)

Since coming clean about her sexuality Actress, Raven Symone has been seen publicly with her girlfriend and she has even shared pics of the couple on her Instagram. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!! I say be proud of who you are. :)

Raven was spotted over the weekend at Ludacris’s LudaDay event in the ATL. It’s now known that Raven’s long-time girlfriend is former ‘Top Model’ contestant AzMarie Livingston.

Peep the pics…

raven symone and girlfriend

raven symone and girlfriend1

Raven Symone,AzMarie Livingston, LudaDay

raven symone and girlfriend2


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