RUMOR CONTROL: Dwyane Wade Is Expecting A Baby By His Mistress!!

Posted on Jun 17 2013 - 4:21pm by Tracy

Word on the street, NBA/Miami Heat baller Dwyane Wade, has another baby on the way and Gabrielle Union isn’t the momma.


According to Tattletaizz via M2E:

MTE sources say that Dwyane Wade has slipped up and got his side chick knocked up.  Apparrently, this news has not only affected D. Wade’s castle but also his skills, which is why he’s been falling short during the past couple of games in the playoffs.  Sources also reveal that Gabrielle Union is fully aware of what’s going on, which might explain her behavior in Vegas… She had a lot of “Instagram Straight Flexin’” moments.
The details of who is walking around with a fertilized D. Wade seed have not been revealed. Obviously neither D. Wade nor Gabby is excited about the situation and would love to “opt out” but…unfortunately, it’s not up to them.

Hmm, this could help explain why Dwyane has been missing in action during the NBA Finals.

Gumbumpers, what’s your input?



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